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1. What hours and days can I book Studio π56?

Studio π56 is available for rent 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday.

2. The time slots of booking the venue are consecutive, why?

The time slots of booking the venue are consecutive to create an organized booking schedule avoiding in this way vacant hours.

3. Is the price per hour of booking the venue always the same?

No. We have formed 5 booking types of the venue. For 1 hour the price is €30. From 2 to 7 hours the price per hour is €20. From 8 to 11 hours the price per hour is €18. From 12 to 24 hours the price per hour is €15. For 7 days (24 hours a day) the price is €800, which is approximately €4.75 per hour.  The use of equipment is included in the prices. The use of cameras and lenses is set upon agreement with an extra charge. The aformentioned prices do not include 24% VAT.

4. Is online booking of the venue easy, flexible and secure?

The online booking of the venue is easy because it is divided into 4 steps. You select the booking duration, the arrival date and time slots, you fill in your details, name, email, telephone, profession, comments and type of tax document. The booking of the venue is processed and you receive the confirmation to your email. You then select one of the 2 payment methods.

Online booking is flexible because you can rent the venue from anytime you want, for 1 hour up to a maximum of 24 hours, as well as for 7 consecutive days (24 hours per day).

Online booking is secure. We have implemented the new GDPR policy under which personal data, booking data and all confirmation emails are kept securely at for a 6 month period. After this period of time, they are permanently deleted without exporting to a local file format. The online payment of the total amount of booking is processed on PayPal. Your debit or credit card details are not stored on Please visit page Privacy Policy.

5. How can I pay my online booking?

After the completion of step 3 in the online booking form (contact details), the booking of the venue is confirmed, but its payment is pending. In step 4, click on one of the 2 payment buttons, PayPal or debit / credit card, or upon arrival at the venue. If you do not click on any payment button, we will call you to confirm your booking. Please visit page Booking Payment Methods.

6. Can I cancel my booking?

Yes. You can cancel the booking due to inability to arrive at the venue until 2 days before the arrival date, whether you have paid or not. Cancellation is done by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ link found in the confirmation email you received when you made the booking. The total amount is refunded. Please visit page Booking Cancellation Policy.

7. Can I change my booking?

Yes. First you cancel the booking due to a schedule change until 2 days before the arrival date by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ link in the confirmation email. Then you make a new booking using the online booking form again. In case you have already paid, then for the new booking please select payment method ‘Upon arrival at the venue’ in order to arrange any difference of the total amount that may result due to the selection of more or fewer time slots.

8. Can I import my booking into Google Calendar?

Yes. You can import your booking into Google Calendar by clicking on the corresponding link which is in the confirmation email you have received.

9. Is the equipment of Studio π56 sufficient or do I need to bring my own equipment?

You can bring your own equipment. The studio’s equipment includes studio flash, studio flash accessories, softboxes, continuous lighting, tripod stands for light / camera / microphone, backdrops, panels, display on monitors, cameras and lenses, props. Upon agreement, an extra charge applies for the use of cameras and lenses beyond the total amount of booking the venue. View the equipment of Studio π56.

10. Is the venue safe to leave my equipment?

The venue is protected by an alarm and closed circuit television. In the event of damage or theft of customer equipment, the owner of the Studio π56 bears no responsibility whatsoever. Please visit page Terms of Use.

11. What happens if the venue and equipment of Studio π56 are damaged?

The condition of the venue and equipment is checked before the arrival of each client. In the event of damage of the venue and/or equipment, the client is responsible. Evaluation and costing of damage is conducted and the client bears the cost. Please visit page Terms of Use.

12. Is there access to an elevator?

Yes. Elevator Dimensions: Width 63cm, depth 100cm, height 205cm.

13. Are there car or motorcycle parking spaces belonging to Studio π56?

No. On Perikleous street, car parking is prohibited, but motorcycle parking at Perikleous Street 56 where the studio is located can be feasible. On the sidewalk and paved area in front of the studio, vehicle parking is prohibited. The embarkation or disembarkation of passengers, as well as the loading or unloading of a vehicle is allowed for a very short period of time due to continuous and increased traffic.

If you have further questions please contact us.

Studio π56 is a venue of 90 sqm fully equipped for professional photography and videography in the center of Athens. It is available for rent including the equipment apart from the cameras and lenses, Monday to Sunday, for 1 hour, from 2 to 24 hours, and for 7 days. Free electricity, VDSL internet, audio equipment, dressing room appropriately designed for make up and hair styling, kitchen, bathroom with shower. Make an online booking of the venue now.

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